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Ramadhan Box


Jember, East Java - The beginning of the month of Ramadan is the perfect time to be more enthusiastic about sharing and increasing care for others. Ramadhan Box started the month of Ramadhan and ended the IYLP event, a collaboration between University of Jember (UNEJ) and Sultan Zainal Abidin University Malaysia (Unisza).

The Ramadhan Box event was held on Monday (12/3/2024), at the Miftahul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Sidomukti Village, Mayang District, Jember Regency, East Java. People enthusiastically came to the location 1 hour before the start of the event at 09:30 WIB. This event successfully collected donations of Rp. 26,144,000 and distributed them in the form of basic necessities to 210 residents. Ramadhan Box is a good time to share happiness in the holy month.